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3 Dogs Rocketry offers a range of good quality rocketry kits

3 Dogs Rocketry LLC is a business devoted to bringing the High Power Rocketry community the very best in composite kits, components, and other high quality rocketry items with the very best in quality and customer service.

Founded in 2009, 3 Dogs Rocketry is the brainchild of John Wilke, long time flyer with Northern Colorado Rocketry. Wilke started building with fiberglass components in 2000, and 90% of his rockets have been glass or carbon since. Wilke is a member of the Tripoli Rocketry Association (#6983), and a member of the Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) for Tripoli. John was certified Level 1 in 1999, Level 2 in 2000, and level 3 in 2003. To date, he has over 230 high-powered flights. John and his wife Evonna.